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How to get there

Lake Weissensee/Carinthia/Austria

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Coming from the village Techendorf:

Schifffahrt-Weissensee Cruise Line: cross the bridge to the main car park; the quay is located directly on the bridge.

Hotel Haus Heimat: cross the bridge and then keep to the right, pass the restaurant Schulers Weinstube and Hotel Haus Heimat is the second house on the right.

Parking information Nature Park

The parking spaces in town are open from 9:00am until 4.00 pm.

You can therefore park directly in the town centre at the pier Techendorf/Bridge.

Parking fees:
One hour: € 1.50
Each additional hour: € 1.50
Maximum fee per day: € 6.00

How to get to the car park
Cross the bridge then keep to the left and drive past the Weissensee-Info.
Turn right after about 50 metres, drive around 100 metres straight ahead, then keep to the right and you will reach the car park in the town centre.

Parking spaces for buses are also available in the town centre, approx. 400 metres away from the shipping pier Techendorf/Bridge.
The parking fees for buses are the same as for cars.

From Techendorf:
Weissensee Shipping Company: Cross the bridge to the main car park, the shipping pier is located on the bridge.

House Heimat: Cross the bridge and keep to the right, drive past Schulers Weinstube, House Heimat is the second on the right.